Friday, June 24

Not exactly rhetorical

A few questions, people. Please answer if you can.

1. Why do chick peas make me so happy?
2. Why is my Blogger code suddenly jacked beyond repair when I haven't touched my template in eons?
3. When will I have the time to learn mad coding skills in order to fix aforementioned code issues?
4. Why did the sight of my ugly page nearly cause me to cry last night?
5. Why does Tim Duncan always look like he's about to cry? Even while he's winning an NBA title?
6. Why was I rooting for the Pistons? I don't care about the NBA. Now the WNBA, on the other hand . . .
7. Why am I running?
8. What's the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
9. Why haven't I finished a book in months?
10. If I did have time enough and skills, what would my new template look like?

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