Wednesday, June 22

Post mortem

For all those eagerly awaiting a post-race wrap-up, here it is: I finished. I ran a little faster than I thought I would (35:13), but I managed to keep to my pace for the most part. I didn't walk a single damn step, and I didn't finish last. (Also, no death and no puking. Yay!) There are lots of pictures for you to gawk at my funny running face, so go ahead and click on over.

As for the impromptu trip to Ohio, I had an amazing time. Potentially life altering. Definitely mood altering. More details? Nope. Well, I will say this: There was this fucking annoying child behind me in line at the McDonald's in the Cincinnati airport -- kind of aggressive and loud and just obnoxious -- so I look over after I order, and I see his hat. I knew it. F-ing Yankees' fan.

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