Friday, June 3

Si es pecado amarte, yo he de seguir pecando

It's a good thing I'm becoming mildly obsessed with running, because my long-standing obsession with food has yet to abate. Last night, I went to Olé with Jen and Pam, and sweet mother of god, I want to marry the guacamole. First off, they make it at your table, which just ups the coolness factor by 100 percent. Second, it is manna from the heavens, people. I wanted to say, "Screw the enchiladas, just keep the guac coming," but I didn't. Which turned out well for me, as the enchiladas were seriously yummy. I topped the evening off with some intense chocolate bread pudding (there was a fancy Spanish name for it, but I don't remember it), and now I can die happy.

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