Sunday, July 10

The most awesomely bad idea ever

Jen and I watched the 40 Most Awesomely Bad Break-Up Songs ... Ever yesterday, and I'm telling you, VH1 is like crack, people. I've never been so addicted. The show was hysterical, particularly because I kept saying, "I have that song!" and "But I love that song!" Yes, I do have extremely poor taste in music, but it's part of my charm.

At one point during the show, VH1 promoted its web site with the tantalizing offer of being able to download awesomely bad ringtones. And this is when I come up with what may be the greatest idea of my young lifetime: All of my exes get personalized awesomely bad break-up song ringtones. And judging by the strength of the relationship (or the harshness of the break-up), they would get ranked ringtones. You know, like if they didn't mean that much to me, they'd get song #38 or something. Jen and I are fleshing out this idea, and I'm laughing hysterically, imagining my phone ringing to Roxette's It Must Have Been Love and thinking, "Oh, it's Ex #2."

Seriously, I don't think I should watch VH1 anymore.

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