Tuesday, July 5

"Oldie" does not necessarily guarantee "goodie"

I watch too many movies. I know this. But yesterday may have been a new low. While surfing my OnDemand choices, I spotted Only When I Laugh, starring Marsha Mason and Kristy McNichol. Now, you may not understand this (because I don't, either), but I used to have a crush on Kristy McNichol. Was it the Pirate Movie that sealed my fate? Did it all begin with Little Darlings? I don't know, but there it was, right alongside my thing for Nancy McKeon.

In addition to my bizarre Kristy McNichol fascination, I also usually enjoy Marsha Mason movies. I think mainly because I love Cinderella Liberty and the Goodbye Girl. (Who doesn't?) Alas, Only When I Laugh, despite being loaded with talent, was a dud. Luckily, I'm here to keep you from making the same mistake I did.

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