Thursday, July 7

Sit on it

My first bike (real bike, not a tricycle or a Big Wheel, though I loved my Big Wheel like nothing else) was pink. And it had a picture of the Fonz on it. My dad got it used, but I didn't care because it was pink and it was mine. I was in second grade, and I remember the street we lived on quite clearly -- right down to the tree that grew next to the sidewalk at the end of our lot, the tree that I ran into right after my dad let go of the back of the bike. Who can pay attention to where you are going when all you can focus on is how you're getting there? I remember hitting that tree and bouncing off, but I can't remember my first successful bike ride. I know it happened because after the Fonz bike, I upgraded to a tricked-out U-handlebar, banana-seat bike -- which my dad promptly painted pink.

This trip down memory lane was inspired by kottke.

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