Saturday, July 30

Take me out to the ball game

I went to a PawSox game tonight, and it was really just a beautiful night for baseball. Not too hot, not too cold, and winning was in the air. The Pawtucket version of my favorite team won 5-2, and the Boston version produced similar results, beating the Twins, 6-2.

My two favorite moments of the night? Jen, Pam, Candace, and I are piled into Pam's Jetta, and we pull into the parking lot to give the guy our whopping $2 fee. He asks, "Where are the guys?!" to which Pam replies, "We don't need them!" and speeds off. It was hysterical. Second favorite moment? A high foul ball, arcing back over the third base line and right at us. It bounces off the seats a few rows ahead of us, lands on the concourse behind us, and then rolls under our seats. I did my best to elbow Candace out of the way, but she snagged the ball as it rolled between her feet. Not quite the triumphant "I caught it!" moment that you see on TV, but it was still a lot of fun.

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