Sunday, July 3

You can't win 'em all

Heaven's gate
I don't know why you can't win them all, but so the prevailing wisdom goes. Okay, so going to Fenway to see the Sox take on Toronto today required some planning. But all bets are off when it comes to the Sox, people. When Katie called and made me an offer, I think we all know it was one I couldn't refuse.

It was a great day for a game. And I did my part, wearing all manner of lucky paraphernalia. Despite my best efforts, and despite coming sounbelievablymotherfuckingclose in the ninth, the Sox ultimately lost, 5-2. Luckily, they made up for it by allowing us to tour the field after the game. It was so cool, people. And I got to try on a World Series ring, which is the biggest ring you will ever see in your life. It weighs more than my head. And it's beautiful. As is Fenway. Here, go see the whole thing for yourself.

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