Wednesday, August 24

It's the loneliest number since the number one

It's day two in 100 blogs, 100 days land, and I'm already tired. Y'all have sent me so many good blogs to read I may have to finally bow down to this whole newfangled aggregator idea. Picking a blog is getting increasingly harder, but luckily, I've got 98 more blogs to go after today's site: Pencil Revolution.

Now, you may be thinking I picked this blog because it was recommended twice, and I bow easily to peer pressure. You may be right. Just ask my drinking buddies from high school college. You may also think that I picked this site because I have a weird obsession with the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. You are an astute reader of human behavior, my friend. Bygones. I picked this site because it's about goddamned time for a revolution in wood and graphite, people. Also, because I liked the phrase "wooden wisdom." (Get your mind out of the gutter! You're crowding me.) Really, I just like the guys over at PRevo digging up the dirt for me -- from pencil-tip sculptures to Hemingway quotes.

Why pencils? "The first and best reason to use pencils is because you like them and enjoy writing/drawing with them. Because you feel better connected to the paper you're writing on (or the wall, etc.) and the earth from which the clay, the graphite and the wood all came. Because they smell good. Because sharpening them can be a sort of meditative process. Because you can chew on them. Or for reasons we can't explain." And you know how I feel about the inexplicable.

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