Tuesday, August 23

Let's get it started

[Sidebar: I can't decide if I need a format for my 100 blogs posts -- I mean, I love rules and shit. Sure, I'm not writing a villanelle, but a little structure never hurt anyone. I'm going to freehand it for now, but we'll see what develops. Also, keep suggesting. One hundred blogs is more than you think.]

Our first trip down Blog Alley brings us to The Complex Mind by Mr. Ortiz. Now, sure, you may be thinking, "She just picked that site because she loves SeƱor Octubre and she will do anything to bring everything back around to the Red Sox." Well, you may have a point there. Bygones. You may also be thinking, "She picked that site because she has a freakish obsession with Austin, a place she's never visited in her life." Also a valid point.

But the truth is, the man's got something going on over there: "The internet can be likened to space, can't it? The internet is a huge place. Each website is like a planet, waiting to be explored. Some planets are uninhabitable ... but others are capable of sustaining life, flourishing life, like this blog. While there are other blogs out there that might be interesting, and others that are only meant to take up space, there are some that you can definitely relate to." All I'm saying is, I can relate. Can you dig? (Also, I love a man with road rage.)

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