Wednesday, August 31

M is for Monstah

As in the Green Monster, baby. Which is where I was tonight for the Sox's win over the D-Rays. It was glorious! I mean, it always rocks to be at Fenway. Always. But you have no idea the joy that is standing atop the Green Monster and surveying all that lies beneath you. That, and watching Millar hit not one, but two homers right at us. Did I mention it was glorious, fabulous, and all other things wondrous and amazing?

Katie and Jamie, as usual, were responsible for hooking me up with the sweet tickets, and Leigh and Greg were along for the ride, as well. And let me tell you, when you're with the right group of people, standing room only is better than having seats. To commemorate my first time on that big green beauty, today's blog is: The Call of the Green Monster. (Oh, c'mon, did you really think you were going to get 100 blogs without at least one of them being about the Sox?)

Sure, you're thinking I picked this blog because the name was too perfect, too right, and far too fitting not to use it. And you are so, so right. But I also picked it because of headlines like, "Schilling Says Pepsi Ad Proves ARod is a Weasel," which, if you've seen that ad, is so fucking true. Or because he calls it like I see it with "With Palmeiro Caught, Giambi Eases Up on Rejuvenated Steroid Use." Or my personal favorite (and no longer true after tonight): "Despite Myriad Hair Styles and Colors, Beards and Mustaches, Kevin Millar Still Has Four Homeruns." Ahh, Millah, I love ya, baby.

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