Sunday, August 21

Weekend snapshots

¿Dónde está la Midge?
The last weekends of summer are flying by (no doubt helped by copious amounts of liquor and hanging out with my friends). I'm always a little sad at this point in the season, like I haven't done enough, haven't enjoyed my summer enough. The truth is, this year, I haven't. There was a lot to do -- work was kind of crazy and my little sister got married -- so there really was no time for vacation. I snuck away for a few days here and there, but I haven't been able to string together any serious down time. This weekend, however, I got to laze away some serious time on my porch. I finally finished reading Chronicles yesterday -- and then I promptly took a nap in the sun. I watched Ada, Leigh's wee dog, and Sam, too (Jen's slightly less wee dog). I chilled again on the back porch today and did some serious damage to Stone's book. (I had to laugh out loud when I read a quote from myself. I'd forgotten I'd even said that.)

My boys
That said, general sports anxiety is what has given me a little more free time. The Sox are currently in first, which is just freaking me out. Plus, I'm a little pissed that they let go of the Bell. I'm just taking a little space between me and my boys, you know, some time to heal. (That doesn't keep me from being delighted with the t-shirt Jen brought me back from her weekend in P-town.) The WNBA play-off race is in full force, and I can't handle it. (I want the Mystics in, and the Shock out. I want Minnesota in, and the Sparks out. Everything else, I don't care.) Tonight is the series finale of Six Feet Under, and I don't know how I'm going to handle it. Really, when did TV become so stressful?

And when did it become so hot that I have to wear pigtails?

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