Tuesday, September 20

Explain it to me like I'm a 2-year-old

There is nothing I hate more in the world than someone condescendingly telling me what a play-action fake is. Hello? Do I look like a girl? Okay, wait. Do I look like an idiot? Clearly, I am a woman who watches football. Clearly, I obsessively check stats and subscribe to SI, and ESPN is my church, man. Bygones. There are some things I like explained to me, which is why the Please Explain series over at Dup's Blog caught my eye. And it earned Dup the blog of the day honors.

Also, he's just a "man who is doing the best that he can. Unless I'm tired. Then I'm taking a nap." I'd give my left arm for a nap right now. But that's not the point, people. He's also a man who appreciates Johnny Cash and horrible biopics (I have a bizarre fascination with that Quaid picture, too). And he likes ice cream. What more needs to be said? No, wait, please explain to me how golf is a sport. And why blatantly fake boobs are attractive.

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