Wednesday, September 28

I brought you into this world

Whose mom didn't use that stellar threat, "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it"? Actually, my favorite was "I'll give you something to cry about!" Well, that one may have been special for me, because my mother claims there was an entire year when all I did was cry. I maintain that it only seemed like a year. Not everyone can be Wonder Mom, not even the Wonder herself.

Tonight, after having one of those moments that you can only have when you're nearing 30 and you still want to kill your mother, somehow, a mom blog seemed wholly appropriate. Plus, Kris is taking this whole mommy thing in stride and with a healthy dose of humor, and she's just like the rest of us (or maybe just me when Jen and Sammy leave me for the night and I'm all alone): "What I really hate is when I start getting all paranoid, checking closets and locking the basement door." No, no, she's really like the rest of us: "Since we're not having any more children, I demanded to know what definition of 'great,' he was referring to. I think I even got the dictionary and stood there with my arms crossed, waiting for an answer, because it appears that PMS no longer ends when the 'M' begins." Though I am pretty sure that reading this has effectively ended whatever slim hope my mom had for a grandchild from me.

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