Friday, September 23

In pursuit of better health and a nice ass

Hey, who doesn't want a nice booty? Unfortunately, it's not in the cards for me. What I wouldn't give for just some of J-Lo's fine ass. Bygones. It's not about me. It's about Kerri over at Kallipugos. (That apparently means "beautifully shaped buttocks" in Greek. Who knew? I am all about the foreign languages. Though I'm not reviewing anything I can't read, people.)

Kerri is on a quest to lose weight and get healthy -- and to get that fine ass. She writes with honesty about her struggles with all of it, from vacation weight gain to work-out hell. In the end, it's all okay, because she knows the scale is a motherfucker. (So true, people, so true.) So, go join her as she recounts "the struggles and the joys -- the yin and yang, if you will -- of my quest for health and a nice ass."

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