Sunday, September 4

Let's hug it out, bitch

I'm seriously, sickly addicted to Entourage. It's either because of my strange love of the dork boy or my undying love for Jeremy Piven (which can really be traced back to his roots with John Cusack). Also, this show is just ridiculously good. I'm totally sucked in. I watched the first season on DVD, and I just finished watching the entire second season OnDemand -- well, except for the finale, which is tomorrow night. DVDs are messing with my TV-watching habits -- I want instant gratification all the time now. How am I going to wait months for more Entourage? How will E manage to fuck up, fall for some girl who's wrong for him, and yet still come out on top? How will Ari manage to say the most offensive things yet make me want him all the more?

Entourage just entered my life, and I'm already missing it. I am really going to have to work on getting a life. Or something.

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