Wednesday, September 21

The more things change

The more I pick the same damn thing. I can't help it, okay? I like writers. I like movies. I like movie writers, apparently, because today's blog is Living the Romantic Comedy. Yes, Billy is, indeed, a writer, and yes, if you have that much free time, you can go back to all the blogs I've visited and count how many of them are by writers, screenwriters, movie fans, and their ilk. Shut it.

I'll admit to a short attention span when it comes to blogs, but his posts are worth the time. He gets what makes writing good and what makes it bad: "It occurred to me that what I had in John was a writer who was scared of emotions, just as in Jane I'd been talking to a writer who was scared of herself. And I was reminded again of how much I love Lolita." And he has a healthy appreciation for the joys of the blogosphere: "When I'm blog-trolling, what I enjoy most is the tacitly voyeuristic thrill of falling into someone else's world." Yeah, me, too, but I'm just a dirty perv that way. And, as usual, my kryptonite comes into play. Yes, that's right: The man makes jokes about great literature: "You've bored me shitless, Ulysses, and I am out of here."

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