Tuesday, September 27

Once more, with feeling

Today was officially one of the strangest days ever, though remarkably a lot of fun. I went to work (as usual), did the working thing, and then received a phone call around noon. And it was an offer I couldn't refuse: tickets to the Sox/Blue Jays make-up game at 1. Sure, we had very little time to get there, but we're talking free tickets. To Fenway. I really couldn't think of a reason on god's green earth not to go, but I checked with my boss just to be sure. Away we went -- me and two students. And if that didn't make me feel old enough, I had to go to the game in my work clothes, which included heels, black pants, and a blue sweater. Blue sweater? Blue Jays? Unacceptable. Luckily, Melanie had emergency Sox gear on hand for me to change into -- so I ended up wearing a red Mueller shirt and Sox hat ... and black pants and heels. It wasn't the best look I've ever sported, but it was appropriate.

We sped to the game, knowing full well we're going to be late, but still somehow hoping that a magical parking spot will appear somewhere remotely close to the Fens. Needless to say, no, it did not. We finally snag a spot less than 12 miles away, and we haul ass to the park. Dogs, beer, and nachos in hand, we finally sit down, and it's the fifth inning. No matter, because any time spent at Fenway is quality time. And it's true. We got to see the win, and we got to see that tall drink of water Mike Timlin warming up. We also saw Craig Hansen, who is apparently incapable of sitting down.

I'm glad I got in one last time at Fenway before the end of the season. No matter what happens, I love this game, these guys.

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