Thursday, September 29

The other side of the coin

Since yesterday's blog took us inside the mind of a mommy, I thought today we should get the male perspective: Entertainment Propaganda. Yes, he's a screenwriter, too. Shut it. One more complaint from you, and I'm posting another football blog.

Matt is no ordinary screenwriter-about-to-be-father, no. He's an English bastard. Yes, that's right: He can swear with authority. You know I love that shit. He's also paranoid and neurotic, and he writes notes to his unborn child: "But still Daddy worried. I didn't want to involve your Mum in the neurotic, fucked up machinations of Daddy's diseased mind; I tried hard to suppress my selfish impulse to blurt out what had been plaguing me for weeks. But in the end I couldn't help myself." In addition to the (actual) baby, he's working on his other baby, the screenplay of Autumn Twins.

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