Monday, September 26

Second verse, same as the first

I fought it. I wrestled with the ethics of the situation. I questioned my purpose. But, in the end, I had to choose a football blog for today -- I know. Just like yesterday. In my meager defense, this isn't strictly a Patriots' blog. And it's written by chicks. What could be better than Chicks Talk Football? I really can't think of anything -- other than, say, getting trapped in a very small room with Tom Brady for several hours. You know, to discuss the game plan.

While we're asking questions, here's a few to ponder: "Have the San Francisco 49ers actually been given lesbian stripper performances in the locker room? Will it improve or weaken their performance? Discuss. What is the over/under on instances of the Peyton Manning Face? How long will it take Brady to live down the infamous goat picture?" (The lesbian strippers actually happened, and I feel this will only strengthen their resolve to suck. I don't bet, but with 0 TD passes so far this season, I suspect we're going to see the Peyton Manning face almost as much as we saw the D-Lowe face. And Brady will never, never live down the goat picture.) These chicks talk serious football, people: "The word 'pretty' has no place in a discussion of football, unless it's describing the interception Ty Law just yanked out of thin air." (I'm fairly certain they would disagree with my lucky pink Pats' shirt, but I don't care. You don't mess with a streak!)

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