Monday, September 19

The stubborn bitch keeps blogging; more at 11

You know what we haven't had? A Jen blogger. A Sox blogger? Sure. A golfer? You betcha. But some chick named Jen blogging about her life? Not until now: Run, Jen, Run.

Now, as a Jen myself, I would think that my people would shy away from Forrest Gump references. Because if I hear one more idiot drawl, "I luuuuv you, Jenny," I will commit serious bodily harm. And not just to myself. Bygones. This Jen, obviously, is not afraid. Oh, no. Perhaps it's because she's met Cockroach in person. Or perhaps it's because, like all women, she's faced some truly death-defying things. Either way, she's obviously intelligent because a third eyelid freaks me right the fuck out, too.

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