Sunday, October 16

Bowling's Miss Manners

I went bowling with Leigh and Jeremy and Rache and David last night (yeah, I love being the single girl) at Lanes and Games. We played 10 pin because candlepin sucks. (And I suck at candlepin. Okay, I suck at 10 pin, too, but I like it anyway.) That's not the point; the point is this: There are rules, people. Or at least, common courtesy. Rule number 1: If I take the time and effort to carefully select a ball with the appropriate weight and finger holes that are not ginormous, you do not use my ball, you overly peroxided twit. Rule number 2: Do not bowl at the same time I do! If I step up to the line first and have clearly indicated that I'm going to begin my three-step, arm-back "I'm really going to throw it now" move, you do not jump up and throw first. You DO NOT, you screaming-monkey freak. (That's the other thing. I know we're all drinking here, people, but there is no need to jump up and down like an idiot. It's bowling, not the Olympics.)

If we adhere to these simple rules, I think we will all appreciate the bowling experience much more. Although nothing could really diminish my appreciation of Jeremy sneaking up behind Leigh and yelling in her ear just before she threw to try to get the spare. Needless to say, the spare was not achieved. Sportsmanship? What's that?

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