Saturday, October 29

"Fool," said my Muse to me

Today's blog is No rules. Just write. Because how many times have I told myself to just write? And how many times have I actually done it? Okay, never is a fair estimate. Brenda insists on no rules because they just get in her way. No one likes things that get in their way, like that ass-clown from Virginia who doesn't know how to drive and had no earthy business being in the left lane on Rt. 9 when I was trying to go home. Bygones. Brenda is a romance writer, and you know what? That's cool. You know what else? I read romance novels. Because they make me happy in this miserable fucking world (almost as happy as a chocolate milk shake makes me).

I also like Brenda because she mocks those stupid sudoku puzzles. People, get a life. Read a romance. Or a blog. Whichever.

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