Saturday, October 1

For some reason, I feel like a drink

Maybe it's working all weekend? Nah, couldn't be. And it's definitely not the way the Sox played today. No. Perhaps it's the blog of the day, I'm not a girl, not yet a wino? Well, whatever it is, margaritas are in order.

Kris is just the right amount of antisocial: "Sometimes I don't want to be around people. Actually, a good bit of the time. It is therefore alarmingly clear that my life has the potential to become that of the every-woman who arrives solo to weddings, knows not what to give at a baby shower at age 50, and screens all of her calls, whether they come from blood relatives or blood-thirsty telemarketers." I'm with her except for that baby-shower thing. There's no need to know what to give because you just don't go, for the love of god.

She does know, however, how wonderful a few drinks and the internet can be: "And frankly, I love to sit with a glass (or a few) of white wine at my computer, writing about my day and laughing at all of yours." Of course, if you have a few glasses too many whilst blogging, things can go horribly, horribly awry. Luckily, I never do that. I only drink too much when Sox players are anywhere in the vicinity.

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