Monday, October 10

Home brew

Today's blog is What's Brewin' Down Yonder? S got me pretty easily from the start, just by using "titties" in a post. A post involving children, no less, so double bonus points and a super-sized fry. She has also introduced me to the phrase "Patty Pessimist," so clearly I had to spread her educatin' ways to the masses. In addition, she knows the importance of travel: "Travel also provides lots of time for soul-searching, time that many of us feel guilty taking during an ordinary day at home. I would never just sit on my couch for 3 hours one morning, pondering my life and how I should spend it. But for some reason if you stick me in a deck chair in front of a lighthouse and some mountains, it’s suddenly alright." (Sidenote: If someone wants to stick me in a deck chair with lighthouse, mountains, etc., I'm totally game.)

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