Sunday, October 23

It all started with an addiction

I can't help myself; I've fallen in love with Grey's Anatomy. I don't know why. (Okay, it definitely has something to do with Sandra Oh. And the guy who plays George.) So I went searching for a blog about the show, but instead I found tuckergurl. She doesn't trust people who don't watch TV. Me neither. That's just freaky and wrong. What do you talk about at work?

She also has inexplicable hatred for certain actresses; she manages to get over it with Robin Wright Penn, but Helen Hunt still pushes her buttons. (Helen annoys the crap out of me, too. As Good As It Gets made me want to kill myself. My inexplicable hatred mainly manifests itself with Catherine Zeta-Jones, but I reserve the right to randomly start hating an actress at a moment's notice.) But most importantly, the girl is smart: Give Jeremy Piven that Emmy! I f-ing love Jeremy Piven. I used to watch Cupid, for chrissakes.

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