Tuesday, October 4

More commonly accepted: wise ass or smart ass?

Today's blog is Nobody Sasses a Girl in Glasses, which, while cute, is completely untrue. I get nothing but sass and guff from you people, and you bitches know I can't see for shit.

She's accomplished at swearing, which I like on a good day. And today, lo, today is not a good day, so I need even more vile invective than usual. Luckily, Rita's got plenty. She's also a student, so she talks about shit like Socrates: "He was telling me that I totally missed the point of the Socratic argument in the Protagoras, which was true, and ... he was telling me that I was going to waste my soul by becoming a sophist, which was also probably true." Luckily, she also talks about Buffy, which I understand more. In addition, she may suffer from delusions of sanity: "I am the shining beacon of totally normal in a vast darkness of totally crazy." We'd all like to think that, honey.

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