Thursday, October 6

Serenity now

I saw Serenity today, and damn! It was good. Not as good as all 14 episodes of the original series, Firefly, but still a quality movie. Just the right amount of smart and funny with a good deal of ass-whupping and shooting thrown in. It was a little strange to be watching it as a movie, like I didn't already know and love these characters. There were a few moments that didn't ring true with what the series had already done, but nothing egregious. It's definitely a movie that a non-Firefly fan could enjoy. (Of course, why wouldn't you be a Firefly fan? It was a fucking good show. It's up there with Sports Night for best show canceled before its time.) The last thing I will say, without giving any spoilers, is this: Take it back, Joss. Take it back! Pull a Misery if you have to, I don't care. Just fix it.

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