Wednesday, November 30


Today's blog is the 100th. The end of the line. And I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't kind of planned this one. Sure, there were a few variables, but I like to get my way (a lot), and in general, I do. For your reading pleasure, I give you The Barium Blog. Like so many blogs, it was created on a challenge of sorts -- from me to my oldest friend in the world. (I'll forgive you for the mullet if you forgive me for the bangs. And the glasses. And the jumpsuit, for chrissakes.) I can't ever fully explain why I blog; obviously, I like to write and I'm as narcissistic as the next girl, but I don't know what keeps me at it day after day. My best way of explaining it is to make someone try it, so I made a blog for Michael, and one year later, he tried it. I like what he's done with the place, and I'm hoping by making him my 100th blog, he'll stick with it.

He hasn't written a lot yet, so let me tell you a few things: He knows more about me than anyone on the planet, but do not attempt to get this knowledge out of him, people. That's not nice. He always makes me laugh. Except for when he's pissing me off, which he frequently does whenever he's right and I'm ... not. He has a hell of a lot of opinions. And he tells you how things are, even when it's hard to hear and you'd much rather have the sugar-coated version. (Can't I get the sugar-coated version just once? C'mon, I'm a girl!) And he plays too much Everquest. That's all. Now go.

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