Tuesday, November 8

Because sometimes a woman needs a little help

I totally stole today's blog from Duff, because she's good like that and how can you not love a woman with a URL like crankymonkeybutt.com? So, if you're not already reading her stuff, do it. And read Elizabeth Crane, while you're at it, because she is funny as hell. No, seriously. For instance, what would Britney say to William Bennett? "Anyway I dunno if you’ve heard of it? But there’s this like, sort of religion? Called Kabbalah? And it’s all ancient or whatever? And it’s all about light? And it’s totally not in code or anything? And I think it could help you come into contact with your consciousness? Which you seem to be out of contact with cuz if you were you’d know that even thinking about killing black babies, like, isn’t very nice?"

Besides writing crazy shit about the Federlines, she also has deep thoughts. And I can't help believing that my Ben is out there, too.

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