Sunday, November 13

Before reality sets in

Today was my first game of the season. (The first official game was on Friday, and I missed it whilst I was on the island. I'm still pissed.) I love the first game, when the whole season lies before you and you can still kid yourself that BC has a chance in the ACC this year. When Queenan looks so good you could cry, and Aja is so fierce, and you forgive Ress for making seven turnovers because you know, you just know, that if she stops putting the ball on the floor she will score a bazillion points. You yell at the refs, but it's good-natured and not like someone was personally stripping you of your dignity by missing that blatant mugging. You like the look of the new freshmen because, though they have their flaws, they are hungry. And, if nothing else, we don't have to play UConn this year.

Oh, fuck.

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