Tuesday, November 1

A bite of the Big Apple

Tuesday night at the Hilton
You know, the more I realize New York is all about food, the more I like the city. Don't get me wrong, it's still a land of chaos and evil (where, it's true, some cool people live). Despite the work of Satan's minions that goes on here, there are some good times to be had.

For instance, tonight I had dinner at the Brooklyn Diner, and I sat in a booth where once Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker sat. There, with my ass practically communing with precious celebrity ass, I ate the world's largest quantity of pot roast and strawberry-blonde cheesecake. Then I hauled myself to see Wicked, my very first New York show. And it was ridiculously fun. Then I returned home to the Hilton, ready to blog and drink Mountain Dew from a wine glass. I'm telling you, this city is classing me up or something.

Tomorrow night, I'm eating at Craft. And then, then I'm rolling myself home. In honor of all this deliciousness, I give you A Blithe Palate. (See how I'm all super-sneaky about the blog of the day? I think NYC's ways may be rubbing off on me.)

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