Wednesday, November 16

Color commentary

I added comments to my blog about six months after I got started. I had mixed feelings about it then, and I have mixed feelings now. It's a love/hate relationship. Sometimes the lack of response is frustrating, and sometimes the response you get is not the response you want. I try to leave the comments up, regardless of what they say, though I did break down and delete someone once. And I felt bad about it, but I knew it was the right decision to make. Ultimately, this is my site, and I choose what to host here. That's not the point, anyway. The point is that we bloggers are an insecure lot. We love comments because they mean that someone actually reads what we write. Sure, we love our site stats, too, but just because someone hit you doesn't mean he read you. Or liked you. (In fact, my current stat gatherer tells me how long someone stays on my site, and let me tell you, that is some depressing shit right there.) I've had a few posts that garnered a serious comment count, but when you are a Grammar Bitch, believe in same-sex marriage, and encourage people to self-promote, what do you expect? It's the everyday posts, the ones where you put yourself out there, exposed, that need reassurance, empathy. Comment love.

This all started because Brandon is apparently obsessed with the F5 button (people, I don't use that shit on a Mac), and Romy had some high school experience that didn't involve the F5 button, but it made sense anyway. And Pea doesn't get that much traffic, which I so cannot believe. Hello? Who doesn't read Pea? Anyway, Pea tagged me next, and so now y'all have to leave me at least 100 comments or the meme dies here, and I don't want to the be the lame one, okay, people? I don't want to be lame.

Maybe I should give you more to think about. Like boobs. Or why we do this crazy blogging thing, anyway. I know if I never received another comment, I would still write here. If my stats dwindled to nothing, I'd still write here. Would I remove the counter and the comment functions? Hell, yes. I don't need that kind of negativity staring me in the face. I just need the words and the space to write them in.

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