Tuesday, November 15

Does anyone else find that Choxie commercial disturbing?

No? Well, that's not the point, anyway. The point is my sister didn't know that moxie was something more than that disturbingly flavored beverage, and my mom and I mocked her heartily for it. Wait, that isn't the point, either. The point is this: The blog of the day is Moxilicious. Because, well, she's got moxie, and she reads too many celebrity magazines. She also tends to have deep thoughts whenever she's sick: "Maybe if Maverick had actually cried when he gave Goose’s personal effects to Meg Ryan, a generation or two of men wouldn’t feel like they had to be pillars of stone during emotional times."

And while recovering from the flu, she contemplated the nature of secrets: "No matter how benign they are or how hard we try not to think about them, secrets are never a light burden. Holding things close to the vest is part of human nature, of individual identity, and it's ingrained in the ego because secrets make us feel certain ways that are secret unto themselves."

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