Monday, November 14

Down and dirty

Today's blog is Lady Muck, mostly because she's British and she uses phrases like "dodgy" and "tits up." But she's also a runner, and my kind of runner at that: "You're told that certain life experiences will be milestones of ecstasy. Then they happen, and they're not. I didn't feel ecstatic upon finishing my first marathon; I felt like a heavy vehicle was reversing over my body, and I wanted to curl up into a tiny ball in bed, covered by ten heavy blankets and being cooed at by Radio 4." Yeah, I keep waiting for the "runner's high," too, and it ain't coming.

I can also sympathize with her mouse problem, as I tend to get paranoid and think they are zombies scratching at my door. Or something. And she doesn't know her RSS from her elbow, and, well, that just made me laugh.

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