Thursday, November 10

Down with the sickness

On the water
When a show makes you physically ill, I think it may be time to call it quits. So fuck you, ER. Fuck you. You've messed with my head for the last time, you bastards.

Today has called for a radical readjustment of my self-image. You know, I've always considered myself to be kind of tough -- tougher than Riff, not quite as tough as Bernardo -- but today, I rode a ferry for the first time. I've never been much of a boat girl (not being able to swim makes one avoid the water), but I always assumed that I would be fine. Uh, yeah. Not quite. Why does it have to bob so much? And the, the ... ick? I went out to the top deck (my mom claimed the air is supposed to help), and damn if that didn't make it worse.

In sum: A TV show and a boat made me sick today. I am a total wuss.

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