Friday, November 18

It's like crying, but worse

Today's blog is Caterwauling. Because she watches medical dramas and cries. And because she talks to the characters like they're real. And she hates stupid people and gets to the movies early. Yeah, that's right, I like her because she reminds me of me. Have you learned nothing from the last 87 days?

Okay, before you get all cranky, she also thinks about and asks important questions: "Wishing isn’t a bad thing — seeing mental pictures of the life ahead of us and wanting good things for ourselves truly are the first steps toward achieving happiness. When you aspire to nothing, then you get what you paid for, so to speak. I think it was Peter Drucker who said that we all rise to our own level of incompetence — my question, then, is what happens to us after that? Do we resign ourselves to being comfortable in our own mediocrity, or do we envision where we want to go next? And can we get anywhere without some kind of mental roadmap?" Well, can we? I need answers here, people.

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