Monday, November 28

Lessons learned

Either the sickness is making me weak and/or maudlin, or I've just been contemplating things a bit too much lately. I've been thinking over this little project of mine, the blogs I've read, the people I've encountered, the things I've discovered about myself, the silly joy the blogosphere still brings me. Which brings me to today's blog, Lessons from the Kissing Booth. Okay, I'm still easily swayed by a good tagline: "Nothing is certain but death and tchotchkes." But there's more to it than that. Simply put, I like the way she writes: "Whenever I feel like my skin is showing all of my secrets, I remember how he put up billboards of an empty bed all over New York as a tribute to his deceased lover." Or what she says: "Sometimes the nights smell softly of wet paint while an album I remember from the days before freedom plays in the background. That's the only time now when an animal faith in the length of my bones is enough. Too often I find myself looking into the wrong parts of people's eyes."

And I just liked the juxtaposition of ee cummings and computers.

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