Tuesday, November 22

You had me at "smells like noodles"

Okay, this may be the first blog where I decided to pick it just by reading the brief "about" section. Boredom is written by Eric Lim, who "smells like noodles; enjoys driving in traffic in the Los Angeles area; is scared of girls; tries to make people feel bad; is allergic to hot wings; Go Fish champion; and is an aspiring writer who doesn't write." He's also got some serious road rage, though nowhere near as intense as mine. (I don't care what anyone says, Boston drivers are bad-ass muthas.) And he's tired of capitalism, and everyone fucking walking around with their goddamn earbuds in. Can we just pause, remove our fucking cell phones from our ears, turn our damn iPods off, and pay attention to the world around us for one freaking second?

No? Okay.

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