Friday, December 2


Okay, so I know I claimed to be off ER forever, but you didn't really believe me, did you? Because I was totally watching last night, and everything was ... nice. Which had me in a state of utter panic, wondering how they were going to fuck it up. Gallant and Neela? So freaking cute -- how would the ER gods come together to make someone die, or loose a limb, or need their chest cracked? And could I take my spirit being crushed yet again? But then ... it didn't happen. Nothing bad happened. I was stunned. They got married. Michael was freaking gorgeous in his uniform, and Neela in her sari, and even Abby and Luka were adorable/hot at the end. I was totally freaking out. Where was the pain? Where was the misery? Where was the helicopter crashing into the hospital?!

Happiness unsettles me.

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