Friday, December 23

Run, baby, run

Racing stripe
See that shirt? It makes me faster just looking at it. Or so I thought when Jen gave it to me. I tried it today, as it is freakishly warm for December, and I hadn't been for a run in awhile (due to extreme cold, ice, snow, laziness, etc.). Well, the shirt was amazing. It did all it could do. Unfortunately, it was covering me, and all the wheezing and pleading for death that that entails. I forgot how good and how very bad it can feel to go for a run.

On the plus side, I made friends with every delivery man working in JP today. Every mailman, FedExer, and UPS guy said some variant of hello, happy holidays, or nice day, isn't it? To the lucky men who saw me during the initial stage of my run, I gave a smile and some chirpy response. To the poor FedEx guy who encountered me at the "please god let me die now" stage of my run, I'm sorry. You were very nice. I would have said something pleasant had I the energy or the breath to do more than give you the head nod and beg for mercy.

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