Thursday, December 29

Sweet victory

"I have to blog this," I said to my dad as we made our way to the parking lot. Is there anything better than an upset victory? I'm the most loyal of fans, and I didn't think it was going to happen. Especially after we trailed by as many as 16. But then ... Aja came in. Brooke kept knocking 'em down and picking 'em up. Our defense tightened up. Shots started to fall. Fouls started getting called (at last!). And then, then I dared to hope. Just a little. Started to shout a little louder. Clap a little harder. And there it was: the lead. Sure, it was only one point, but it was enough. It was a lead against a ranked opponent -- Stanford and the mighty Candice Wiggins (and damn, she is good). And then one point became three, then four, then six ... and then we won. We fucking won!

It was awesome. My poor dad is deaf in one ear after sitting next to my screaming, crazed-fan ass. But I think he had a good time anyway. It was the perfect cap to damn good Christmas week. I actually caught myself a few times, surprised by how happy I was. Usually the holidays make me a little crazy, but this year, everything was pretty good. Either I've mellowed with age, or the iPod my mom got me just blinded me with joy. One of those two.

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