Sunday, January 1

Fun with Christmas presents

Hats off
The Pats lost. I have a new Pats hat. Clearly, it was all my fault. Or ... it may have been pulling all the starters after the first quarter. One of those two.

When I wasn't fucking with the sporting world today, I've been putting together the songs for my iPod Shuffle. It's a lot harder than you'd expect to narrow down the 120 songs you want to listen to when you're running. I know, I know, you're thinking, "Just put every Audioslave, Rob Zombie, and Eminem song you have on there, and run, bitch." But it's not that simple. For example, it has brought me great joy to slip in Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive. And Bloodletting from Concrete Blonde. And Fernando from ABBA. I really want to go for a run now, just to hear what fucked up order they're going to come in -- will Godsmack's Whatever be followed by Sheryl Crow's Run Baby Run? God, I love presents. Even if they make the Patriots lose.

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