Sunday, February 5

High drama

Super Bowl: Blah. Once the Pats were out and the Colts defeated (yay!), I didn't care. I didn't particularly want the Steelers to win, as I hate their stupid towels and well, just about everything else about them, but eh. It wasn't a particularly well played game on either side. (Despite my lack of, uh, commitment, one innocent bystander remarked, "I didn't think JenGarrett would be this angry," after I screamed "Run, motherfucker!" at a particularly lax Seahawk. People, just a tip: I'm always this angry.)

Ads: More blah. I liked the streaking sheep. And the football players practicing their "I'm going to Disneyworld" speeches. But that was about it. Most offensive? was the worst, followed closely by Jessica Simpson's breasts advertising pizza.

Grey's Anatomy: Forty-plus minutes of sheer drama and high tension. Worth waiting the whole freaking night for. I won't spoil anything, but now I know what "Code Black" means, and holy fucking shit, Batman. And I can't believe I have to wait until next week to see how everything turns out! Damn you, ABC, damn you.

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