Tuesday, February 7

Seven days in heaven

I have to admit it: I've been thinking about this ever since I read it over at Trish's earlier this week. Celebrity sex dates.

The rules: Create seven days' worth of dream dates. Then choose one celebrity date for each night of the week and one alternate for each night, in case your first choice dream date is, say, in prison or snorting coke off a hooker's tits.

Also, and most importantly, the celebrity must be breathing.

Remember — each date will end in wild, hot sex (hence the name of the meme), so select your dates carefully.

It's been tough making the cut, and I may regret this in the morning, but here is my line-up.

Sunday: Tom Brady (alt: Tedi Bruschi, though mostly I just want to cuddle)
Monday: Bronson Arroyo (alt: Mark Bellhorn, though if the Bell were still with the Sox, he'd beat out Bronson)
Tuesday: George Clooney now (alt: George Clooney young)
Wednesday: Drew Barrymore (alt: Jodie Foster)
Thursday: Pacey! (alt: McDreamy)
Friday: Matthew Macfadyen (alt: Ben Affleck)
Saturday: John Cusack (alt: Jack Bauer)

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