Saturday, March 18

Life sounds like this

Tonight, I watched Elizabethtown, which, as you may have heard, is not a very good movie. I wanted to like it because I have an intense love of all things Cameron Crowe. (Well, except for Vanilla Sky. I like to pretend that didn't happen.) I'm actually glad I watched Elizabethtown because it reminded me of certain things in my life (mainly my need to take a serious road trip) and because the soundtrack fucking rocked. Crowe knows how to set life to music to make it seem infinitely better.

Which, of course, just reminded me of my trip to Austin (no, I'm not done talking about it yet, so shut it) and seeing Echoset perform at Ego's, which is the coolest little dive bar ever and if you're in Austin, I highly recommend. I also highly recommend Echoset and my girl, Sarah Glynn. Chicks and guitars? The greatest.

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