Tuesday, March 21


I can't get over the fact that the Sox traded Arroyo. Bastards! I know it's a business, but fuck, man, he gave you the hometown discount! When fans constantly bitch about players taking the highest dollar (for instance, the adios Beantown gave to Damon), we need to consider the fact that when they don't -- when they say, "I want to stay here, and I'll give you a deal to accomplish that" -- they get screwed. Fucking royally hosed.

Normally, I'd be jazzed for the start of the Sox season (13 days!), but now I'm just pissed. All my boys are gone. Theo, while probably a smart GM, is an asshole. I'll miss you, you skinny bastard. I've got my Covering the Bases on, and while Papelbon may become my new favorite Sox pitcher, you are now, and ever shall be, my one and only skinny bastard. I'll miss that leg kick, man. And I'll try to see you with the Reds when I'm in Ohio this summer. (Dad, as a Reds fan, I hereby give you permission to start loving my man Bronson and rubbing it in whenever he pitches like the bad-ass mofo he is.)

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