Tuesday, April 25

Actually, a mouth full of teeth is kind of like a car

Why is going to the dentist for a cleaning like taking your car for an oil change? You go in, all innocent and shit, happy in your knowledge of regular brushing and flossing, slightly disturbed at the thought of paying someone to scrape your teeth, but resigned to the way of healthy gums. And then, the hygienist lays the smack down. Um-hmm, looks like a spot here. And maybe a spot there. And Dr. Ken should look at this. And then, before as you know it, you've got a $800 rack-up for a new tie rod, and a sway bar, and a muffler. I thought everything was good! I performed scheduled maintenance! Why do you hate me?

At least Dr. Ken was all nice about it, and just threw down with some sealant. The Saturn dealer? Not so much.

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