Thursday, April 6

Young gun

Okay, so we know I love baseball. And the Red Sox. (And Bronson Arroyo.) But how much do I fucking love Jonathan Papelbon right now? People, he's got the steely eyes! (Not to be confused with Tom Brady's calm eyes.) Jesus Christ, he was scaring me last night, and I wasn't up to bat. He doesn't have the crazy look of Mike "I will eat your heart" Timlin, or the angry glare of Curt "I'm gonna fuck you up" Schilling. He's got the cold eyes of a killer, people. The "I will eviscerate you and show no emotion until the ump signals your weak-ass strikeout" look. And then the fist pump. And then the joy. The joy, people.

Bring on the pain, Papelbon. We're ready for you.

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