Wednesday, May 24


I know it's hard to believe, but I didn't watch all of the Sox-Yankees game last night. My girl was getting the start after duking it out for a roster spot in spring training. How could I not watch? As you probably don't know, this is the 10th anniversary of the WNBA, and I can't help it, I'm cheap for the commercials with the clips from the early seasons -- Houston's 4-peat, Weatherspoon's half-court heave that actually went in, the dunk, the confetti falling from the ceiling, all of it. It's no surprise to any reader of bjg that I'm a fierce proponent and fan of women's sports, particularly basketball, so I'm thrilled that the WNBA has made it this long. Because now it is long enough for me to really watch and follow a player as she evolves: I first saw AJ as a freshman (can you believe that?) at BC; I watched her make back-to-back game winners in the tourney as a junior; I screamed with joy when she lead BC to beat UConn (at right); I watched her win the Big East tournament as a senior; and I rejoiced when she was drafted to the Lynx. So watching her play big minutes last night and get 9 points with 9 assists was fucking awesome. There's no other way to put it. Maybe you other sports fans take this for granted -- if, you know, you watch men's sports -- but this is unusual in women's sports. This means something.

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